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As a 3rd generation asphalt contractor, local to Southeast PA, PA Commercial Paving Pros knows asphalt paving. We have a robust menu of service options to choose from as well as some of the most experienced asphalt paving contractors to fulfill these services. We serve the Harrisburg PA, York County, Mechanicsburg, Hanover, and Gettysburg areas.

Local Expertise

All of our Parking Lot Installation Contractors are highly trained and have many years of experience installing and repairing asphalt all over the area. We work on residential, commercial, and industrial asphalt paving projects and have the tools, materials, and training to complete even the most complex asphalt paving jobs. We offer a wide variety of services and always look for affordable solutions for our customers.

How We Can Help!

Starting with grading, we ensure your parking lot has proper drainage and water control. We offer a variety of asphalt paving options – recycled asphalt millings, resurfacing, and fresh hot mix paving. Finally we finish off with professional linestriping to keep your parking lot orderly and safe.


Why Choose Us?

Our owner supervises every project for quality control. We maintain open and constant communication throughout each project. This ensures your total satisfaction and understanding during every step. We are known for our solid work, quality results, and dedication. Contact us for a free estimate on your parking lot installation project!

Parking Lot Installation

Our experienced paving contractors handle every aspect of your parking lot paving and ensure you have a parking area to be proud of. We want every job to be an example of our stellar work, so with your permission, we will share pictures of your completed parking lot as a showpiece to new customers. We take pride because we give our all on every job we complete.

Asphalt Paving for your Business

Asphalt is an ideal material for parking lots due to its flexible durable nature and low price point. It is a recyclable material and can be customized to match the look of your business. It also takes repairs well and is more forgiving than concrete. Asphalt pavement can also help with drainage issues, graded so that it diverts water away from your buildings.

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Leave a message with our professional agents and we will call back shortly. Our estimates are provided directly by our owner, and backed by years of experience

Quality Service

We offer a number of paving options – hot mix asphalt, resurfacing, recycled millings – to best suit the needs of your business

Local Know-How

As a 3rd-generation asphalt paving contractor, you can trust that your paving project will be done right by our paving professionals


Does your company offer a warranty?

Yes! We offer a one year labor warranty.

Will my business be impacted during your work?

Commercial asphalt paving is essential not only for aesthetics but for safety reasons as well. Paving will prevent pot holes and other issues that could lead to lawsuits or injuries in pedestrians, employees, or customers. Our commercial paving contractors make sure to work with your business to find a time to perform installation that will help improve your business without disrupting your business hours or access to customers.

Will you do line striping for my business's parking lot?

Yes! As a full-service commercial asphalt paving company we offer a complete range of services, including parking lot striping.

What are my paving options for my commercial property?

We offer a number of paving options, including recycled asphalt, seal coating, cost-effective resurfacing, as well as milling and paving. It’s important to be proactive in getting your parking lot resurfaced before it reaches a condition where it needs to be replaced.

Both resurfacing and repaving will lay down a fresh asphalt surface, but asphalt resurfacing is less expensive. To make sure this cost-effective option remains viable, regular parking lot pavement maintenance is important as well as hiring a trustworthy contractor for installation. A resurfacing is only as sturdy as its asphalt base.

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