Parking Lot Paving And Repair

Parking Lot Paving And Repair Services

PA Commercial Paving Pros is an elite paving contractor in the Harrisburg and York area. We have decades of experience as 3rd generation asphalt paving contractors. We are proud to serve local businesses with expert paving that improves safety for their customers and employees. 

Services We Offer

Our paving company offers a range of services – from grading and install to seal coating and line painting!

We serve the entire Southeast PA region, including all of the York, Mechanicsburg, Hanover, Gettysburg, and Harrisburg PA areas with our local expertise.

Why Choose Us?

By making sure that every job is an example of our stellar work, prioritizing customer service, and utilizing our knowledge of asphalt, we have become a trusted asphalt company in Pennsylvania. We enjoy looking for ways to save our customers money wherever possible. If we’re working in your area, we may be able to extend a discount on our labor costs. Flexibility in your scheduling can help us lower our costs, which results in savings for you!

When possible, we offer same day repairs for some types of damage. Give us a call to get a free quote on your parking lot paving or repair today!

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Parking Lot Paving

We maintain open and constant communication throughout each project to ensure your total satisfaction. Our owner supervises every project for quality control.

Parking Lot Patching

Using the latest equipment and techniques, our paving professionals will repair your asphalt pavement and promote longevity of your paved surfaces for years to come.

Parking Lot Repair

We’re here to make sure a pothole or crack doesn’t spell disaster for your pavement. Once we’ve assessed the issue, we can complete our repairs and resolve it, preventing further damage.


Parking Lot Grading and Paving

Our experienced estimator will discuss your project with you and your business’s needs to ensure the parking area will fulfill all your needs. We will address any drainage issues and provide an estimate for our high-quality, long-lasting paving services. Our crew starts with grading, provides an excellent job paving, and finishes with bright, beautiful line painting. We offer a one year labor warranty on all projects.


Parking Lot Asphalt Resurfacing

When your parking lots are looking run down, but the base is still solid, asphalt resurfacing is an excellent option. Our paving contractors can mill and resurface, or add a fresh layer on top of your existing asphalt, depending on the best course of action for the lot. This extends the life of your pavement for 10-20 years.


Asphalt Repair and Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance keeps your pavement’s base in good condition and helps avoid future extensive repairs. Prompt pothole repair, crack-filling services, and routine seal coating help protect your parking lots. By preventing water infiltration, and providing a protective barrier like seal coat to keep it from drying out prematurely, your parking lot will last and last.

Call Us for a Free Estimate

Leave a message with our professional agents and we will call back shortly. Our estimates are provided directly by our owner, and backed by years of experience

Quality Service

We offer a number of paving options – hot mix asphalt, resurfacing, recycled millings – to best suit the needs of your business

Local Know-How

As a 3rd-generation asphalt paving contractor, you can trust that your paving project will be done right by our paving professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your company offer a warranty?

Yes! We offer a one year labor warranty.

Will my business be impacted during your work?

Commercial asphalt paving is essential not only for aesthetics but for safety reasons as well. Paving will prevent pot holes and other issues that could lead to lawsuits or injuries in pedestrians, employees, or customers. We work with your business to find a time to perform installation that will help improve your business without disrupting your business hours or access to customers.

Will you do line striping for my business's parking lot?

Yes! As a full-service commercial asphalt paving company we offer a complete range of services, including line painting.

What are my paving options for my commercial property?

We offer a number of paving options, including recycled asphalt, seal coating and resurfacing, as well as milling and paving. By being proactive in maintaining your asphalt pavement and performing parking lot repairs, you will extend its life and push back the need to replace the asphalt. Both resurfacing and paving will provide a new surface, but asphalt maintenance is important as well.

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