Private And Public Road Paving Services

Road Paving Services for the SE Pennsylvania Area

PA Commercial Paving Pros is a family-owned and operated paving company that has been providing commercial asphalt paving services in the Southeast Pennsylvania area for many years. Our owner is a 3rd generation paving contractor who closely supervises every job for quality assurance. We have a dedicated and experienced crew who takes pride in doing an excellent job.

Roadway Services We Offer

As asphalt pavement ages, it dries out and becomes more brittle. Roads experience high traffic, and are subject to oil leaks, winter salt, and heavy loads. While asphalt is a durable choice because it flexes with the movement of the earth, cracks can form and allow for water infiltration. Cracks in your pavement become potholes, and potholes can turn into craters and ruts. Timely maintenance is key.

PA Commercial Paving Pros is here to assess your pavement and provide high-quality asphalt paving and infrastructure improvements for all your roadway needs.

  • Private Road Paving
  • Public Road Paving
  • Asphalt Repair
  • Parking Lot Paving
  • Resurfacing
  • Line Striping
  • Seal Coating

Our highly experienced team offers the best service in asphalt paving, pothole repair, resurfacing, crack filling, milling & paving, and seal coating. PA Commercial Paving Pros excels in asphalt pavement repair and preventative maintenance.

No Job too Big, No Job too Small!

We serve all of Southeast PA, including York, Hanover, Mechanicsburg, Gettysburg, and Harrisburg PA. We are happy to work with property owners, HOAs, businesses, and municipal clients to perform top-notch, long-lasting, reliable roadway paving. Give us a call or email us today!

Why Choose Us?

We are local to the area, and know the stresses Pennsylvania asphalt needs to withstand. Our local expertise ensures that we will use techniques and mixes that will last well for our clients. We offer a one year labor warranty on all projects and are confident that you will be happy with the work we do, because we maintain open communication throughout the project.

We have lots of experience paving private and public roads in southeast Pennsylvania. We look forward to discussing your project with you, providing a free estimate, and having you as our next satisfied client!


Road Paving Services

Public Roads

We proudly work with cities in Southeast Pennsylvania to pave roads that will hold up well and provide a safe driving surface for all traffic

Private Roads

We are happy to work with private property owners to pave a high-traction road or long driveway that fits their unique needs!

steam roller road-construction


We partner with homeowners associations, condo and townhouse communities to pave roads that will provide maximum safety and security to residents

Asphalt Road Repair

Asphalt roads are subject to extremes in weather and temperature, as well as wear and tear from traffic and fuel spills. When this wear becomes damage we are ready to provide prompt repair!


Extend the life of your asphalt roads by getting them resurfaced with a fresh layer of asphalt! This cost-effective route is perfect for worn roads that have a sturdy sub base and have been well-maintained.

Line Striping

Our full-service paving contractors offer line striping and pavement marking for all asphalt paving work we perform. We paint bright, high-contrast, long-lasting lines that clearly indicate lanes and traffic patterns.

Call Us for a Free Estimate

Leave a message with our professional agents and we will call back shortly. Our estimates are provided directly by our owner, and backed by years of experience

Quality Service

We offer a number of paving options – hot mix asphalt, resurfacing, recycled millings – to best suit your needs

Local Know-How

As a 3rd-generation asphalt paving contractor, you can trust that your paving project will be done right by our paving professionals